Meet the Team

The Founding Group

Before it had a name, Ecomotion was born in a classroom. Will Ryan, a PhD student and adjunct teacher in the Biology program at F.S.U., approached a classroom of Animation 1 students at the same college with a project idea. He wanted to bring his passion for science, his love for music, and his interest in the arts together. Four students, Julia Kunberger, Sarah Jezierny, Monique Boileu, and Lauren Anderson volunteered their time and effort to help bring this dream to life.

Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson is a digital and traditional artist with interests in digital painting and animation, oil painting, drawing, and ceramic sculpture. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University in December 2014, focusing on mixed media ceramics. She also has a passion for music, singing, and voice-over work, making Ecomotion the perfect avenue for exploring these interests while supporting education and the sciences. She hopes to continue experimenting with different methods of animation and expanding Ecomotion's collection of animated videos.

Monique Bolieau

Monique Boileau is an artist and writer from south Florida. She received bachelors degrees in studio art and english from Florida State University. Monique's passion for exploring the natural world inspires her artwork and nonfiction writing. She uses her creativity to advocate for the earth's wellbeing in accessible ways. Though her focuses are oil painting and creative nonfiction writing, she has dabbled in animation from a young age, and eventually always finds her way back to this medium. Ecomotion is an amazing opportunity to inspire respect and excitement for nature and the science behind it, and Monique is beyond excited to work with brilliant minds of the Ecomotion team.

Julia Kunberger

Julia is a digital media artist from Tallahassee, Florida. She was first inspired to animate after watching Ren and Stimpy as a child, and it is now one of her favorite pastimes. Julia is glad she was able to combine her interests in science and art while making Drift, which she feels is basically a way cooler version of Schoolhouse Rock. When she grows up, she wants to be the female version of Mike Judge.

Although Julia did not take part in the newest EcoMotion Studios project, she played an invaluable part in the production of Drift

Sarah Jezierny

Sarah Jezierny's passion for art started at a young age, and she's been fascinated with animation ever since watching her first Disney movie. Sarah is also a talented musician, spending four years as a member of the FSU Marching Chiefs, ending her tenure with a year as a flute section leader and a trip to the National Championship in Pasadena, California. Sarah graduated with her Bachelor's of Fine Art in Graphic Design in May of 2014, and she now works as a designer for the Florida Department of Agriculture. While not a scientist herself, Sarah has always been fascinated with the natural world, and she is excited to be collaborating with the other Ecomotion members to bring together science and the arts.

Will Ryan

Will Ryan is a Doctoral Candidate in Ecology and Evolution at Florida State University where he studies the evolution of sex in marine invertebrates. He is an avid songwriter, noisemaker, painter and project starter. What he lacks in training and talent, he emphatically makes up for in enthusiasm and a knack for recruiting more talented people of all stripes into his harebrained quests (i.e. this collaborative). Ecomotion is the culmination of a long held secret dream of combining all of his passions into making beautiful, fun and entertaining art to spread the good word about his first love, science.

The Ecomotion Team

At the beginning of 2015, Will Ryan approached the group about doing a new set of videos - a series for the Ecological Society of America's Centennial Conference. This time, they knew they needed help. Ecomotion approached the same Animation 1 class where they got their start and recruited some new talent. Along with additional scientists, the Ecomotion team was ready to tackle its next challenge.

Jenni Jackson

Jenni Jackson is a digital and traditional artist with a passion for illustration, sequential art and food. She graduated from Florida State University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Studio Art. Ecomotion has been a great opportunity to use storyboarding as an educational aid through visual narrative. She is currently working on children's illustration and experimenting on using chocolate as an artistic medium.

Jessie Mutz

Jessie is a graduate student in Ecology and Evolution at Florida State University whose research interests include plant-insect interactions and how spatial variation in disturbance affects population dynamics. With a background in theater (Shakespeare!) and informal education (museums!), Jessie also enjoys exploring the communication of scientific ideas and new research through different media -- and Ecomotion provides a delightful opportunity to do just that. When not in the forest or dreaming up new projects, Jessie writes for WFSU's Ecology Blog, cooks lots of vegetables, and proudly represents the three-banded armadillo from atop her bicycle.

Joshua Scholl

Josh Scholl grew up in Melbourne (in Florida, not Australia) where he acquired his love for nature. This passion led him to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where he earned his bachelor's degree in science. During his tenure at FAU he founded the FAU Undergraduate Research Journal, a Nature Trail, and the Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (to foster undergraduate research). He also published several papers about turtles (they're too slow to do it themselves). Now a doctoral student in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona, Josh avidly studies bet hedging in tiny annual plants of the Sonoran desert. In his spare time Josh loves to venture into other realms including the design of educational tools, brewing creative beers and the outback (in Arizona, not Australia).

Other Contributors include: Kelley Cunningham, Dominic Gannon, Brandt Imhoff, Johanna Imhoff, Thy Le, Maddison Stevens, Abigail Pastore, and Janie Wulff